normale Fotos

2010 - 2012


Castelnuovo Sotto, a village like many others in this area, which stays, in its normality, for all of them. The anciently orchestrated order of the Po Plain nature becomes in this village an orchestrated ordinary life, whose signs are to be recognised in the open field landscapes, as well as in the private gardens, in the houses, in the backyards.

Normal is what cannot be distinguished, what does not capture the attention, something you don’t watch over. The usual, the ordinary, the common, what apparently hasn’t got its own style and character: these seems to be the features of this landscape – in the nature, as well as in the architecture.

The images captures uneven and dispersed elements, distributed with a certain randomness in the territory of one of the many villages of this plain landscape in the middle of the Po Valley that do not evoke anything but normality. In the background there are no mountains, no water, no art or monuments. Only function and daily work provided things their actual appearance. As cut on a neutral canvas, on a pale background – like the sky often looks like here – the pictures show elements of the campaign, as well as of the town, as a kind "non-landscape" that results from a mixture of public intentions and private dreams, often disorganized, isolated, unreflected and a layering of periods, each of which leaves its mark: an ancient boundary line, a row of old elms, a plaster statue garden, a roll made of green plastic.

Through photography giving an order to normal and ordinary landscapes, and consequently, creating images out of the grey setting of the daily life that hint at individual projections, is a side output of this project.